Streaming a new player’s #KARDS journey

Let’s take the Kardspodcast account for a spin through a bunch of games on stream.

We have a pair of pretty good decks built for starting out with an aggressive Japan-Germany build and an arty party with the Soviets and Americans. We even do a little bit of crafting and updating in this one and discuss some tips for new players just entering the game.

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The Beatles – What I’m Playin’ 20

Welcome to Commandos Week 2.

We are playing every configuration of the British Commandos engine (No. 10 Commandoes, Crusader Mk II, Night Raid) possible – the British as the Major Power x4 (colors), the British as the ally x4 (unit/strategies), and a mono-British build. In other words, nine decks over two weeks. Continue reading “The Beatles – What I’m Playin’ 20”