Make a Card Tuesday – Blame Canada

While we are often focused on playing Kards, there is some interest out there in making Kards too.

After starting off with some ideas about the French last week, let’s try to crack into Canada (I have some Axis stuff cooking too). With all of the new cards coming out right now please do not confuse these with powerhouses like Bob Semple.

I also don’t claim that these cards will ever appear in the game. This is a fun experiment of making some of our own cards since I am a fan of the game. I can’t say that these as necessarily 100 percent balanced either. I can’t say if 1939 Games even looks at this stuff. Overall, these are not real cards. Continue reading “Make a Card Tuesday – Blame Canada”

Dive Bombing – Card of the Week 7

By Cybernetic

One of only a few cards that lower a unit’s stats but can also be used to remove low defense units by reducing their defense to 0.

Japanese and Soviet aggro decks have problems dealing with high-defense low-attack guard units. You could lose your entire frontline trading into them. This is where cards like Dive Bombing come in. Continue reading “Dive Bombing – Card of the Week 7”

Your voice matters! Vote on the Achievement reset!

For those who are just getting into Kards, one thing to know right away is that the team at 1939 Games really does listen to the community. If you have feedback for the game they, and you are cool about it, they are very willing to hear you out. Right now they are asking for the communities feedback. From developer TealKeli: “Hi people! Quick question we’re interested in getting feedback on. We’re in the process of making changes to the progression system, including achievements. When we go live with these changes, we can port the current stats over, or we … Continue reading Your voice matters! Vote on the Achievement reset!