The Italians – Make a Card Sunday

It has been a little while since we have offered up our takes on Kards cards.

I am still working on the Star Wars edition, but this week I have my ideas about how the Italians could be implemented into the game.

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Star Wars Day – Make a Card Saturday

May the Fourth be with you.

With the passing of Peter Mayhew and it being Star Wars Day, I wanted to pay homage to the galaxy far, far away.

These are the first steps into a larger world of a custom set that I would like to work on from time to time using the Empire and Rebels in the KARDS game system. There is a ton of room to explore and work in here – I barely touched on the Outer Rim, I want to check on card quantity numbers in-game, just for some examples. Continue reading “Star Wars Day – Make a Card Saturday”