Party in the USA – Podcast Episode 19

Welcome to the 19th episode of the Kards Podcast!

This week – the fourth entry of the epic five-part engagement going over all of the cards in the base set of Kards. We are up to talking through all of the American cards in the game.

There are two rules for the overviews: these go in alphabetical order so Standards, Limited, Specials and Elites are all mixed together and there are only 60 seconds per card (listen for the Gong…even though I don’t think you can hear it this week).

For a quick overview of the Americans: The USA is an outstanding supporting faction and can pair with any of the other factions very well. On its own though, the USA is great at ramping up the kredits and then dropping high impact plane, after plane, after plane.

Quick note, I did see the new dev blog update about the dispersion of factions played in the game and cards crafted. A ton of interesting information here. I love the transparency from 1939 Games.

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