Raise a stein its Germany time – Podcast Episode 16

Welcome to the 16th episode of the Kards Podcast!

This week – the first piece of an epic five-part engagement going over all of cards in the base set of Kards. We are starting with the Germans.

There are two rules for the overviews: Going in alphabetical order so Standards, Limited, Specials and Elites all mixed together and 60 seconds per card (listen for the Gong).

I think the Germans are the most versatile faction. They can play aggressive, control, combo, ramp, or discard. Plus, the Germans have some of the best low rarity cards in the game. Overall, Germany is solid in almost all aspects of the game (Removal, Draw, Units, Orders), but not outstanding in any.

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7 thoughts on “Raise a stein its Germany time – Podcast Episode 16

  1. Hello, thank you for making these great podcasts. You provide lots of information about Kards. English is not my native language but I understand you with no problem. That’s a big plus for me. Keep making podcast and other stuff. Thank you!


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