Star Wars Day – Make a Card Saturday

May the Fourth be with you.

With the passing of Peter Mayhew and it being Star Wars Day, I wanted to pay homage to the galaxy far, far away.

These are the first steps into a larger world of a custom set that I would like to work on from time to time using the Empire and Rebels in the KARDS game system. There is a ton of room to explore and work in here – I barely touched on the Outer Rim, I want to check on card quantity numbers in-game, just for some examples.

Before we go any further though, I don’t claim that these cards or this mechanics will ever appear in KARDS. This is a fun experiment of making some of our own cards since I am a fan of the game. I can’t say that these as necessarily 100 percent balanced either. I can’t say if 1939 Games even looks at this stuff. And, finally, I am not a coder, so I don’t know if these kinds of maneuvers are even feasible in a digital game (I come from a tabletop perspective).

Overall, these are not real cards and/or mechanics.

If you would like to share your creations, or react to these, feel free to make comments below, send messages over to or hit me up on the Discord. Just make sure to send along a little bit of a description of your card (text or video is cool) and talk about the thought process behind making it.


The Imperials are focused on technology and overwhelming forces to dominate the game. The idea of the Death Star is to act as an extra HQ for an opponent to deal with and TIE Fighters can only be deployed through orders or the Super Star Destroyer.


Where the Empire uses overwhelming forces, the Rebellion has the greatest heroes in the galaxy on its side. The Rebels also rely on solid planes, their Hidden Base (an extra HQ again) and sabotage tactics to find a way to win.

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