White Commandos – What I’m Playin’ 16

Welcome to Commandos Week 1.

Over the next two weeks we are playing every configuration of the British Commandos engine (No. 10 Commandoes, Crusader Mk II, Night Raid) possible – the British as the Major Power x4 (colors), the British as the ally x4 (unit/strategies), and a mono-British build. In other words, nine decks for you over the next two weeks.

This is the fifth installment we are planning on getting our Commando engine up and running before firing off a huge chain of orders that can help us rally to wins.

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Finally, I am just using the cards that I have in my collection. I’m sure, there are other takes on this deck. I am just a guy with a collection and some ideas.

KARDS Version

These decks were constructed on the 0.9.4 build of KARDS – Card text/cost/rarity may have changed since publication.

Deck List

KARDSPodcast Deck Speed-o-meter (*Patent Pending)

  • Full-on Aggressive
  • Frontline Favoring Aggressive
  • Midrange
  • Frontline Favoring Control
  • Full-on Control

Major Power (Cards)/Ally (Cards) – Britain (28)/Japan (12)

Orders/Units – 26/13

  • 0 Kredits – HQ (Alexandria), 5
  • 1 Kredits – 12
  • 2 Kredits – 7
  • 3 Kredits – 12
  • 4 Kredits – 2
  • 5 Kredits – 2
  • 6 Kredits – 0
  • 7 Kredits+ – 0

Standard/Limited regular text, Special bold, Elite bold and italic


  • Close Air Support x3
  • Cup of Tea x3
  • The Desert Rats x3
  • Swordfish Mk I x3
  • Daylight Bombing x1
  • No. 10 Commando x3
  • Fortification x2
  • HMS Illustrious x1
  • Crusaders Mk II x2
  • Convoy HX 175 x4
  • Night Raid x2


  • Deadly Duty x4
  • Tora, Tora, Tora x3
  • Code of Bushido x1
  • Bombing Raid x1
  • Last Rites x1
  • M6A1 Seiran x2

Card Gallery


Opening Hand

While there are lots of options for the opening hand, but you really want to have a Swordfish ready to go right off the rip.

The little bomber doesn’t look like a big threat, but it can curb early threats and soak up early damage or removal orders.

Getting removal orders out of the opponent’s hand will clear the way for Commandos and Crusaders later on in the game.

Having Desert Rats is also very good since it is one of the most effective removal orders we have.

Turns 1-4

There are a few lines of play in the early game.

An early Close Air Support on that early Swordfish is very strong, while a Tora, Tora Tora can pick off some 1 defense threats in the early game.

Check out what your opponent is doing as well. If you think you can drop a Commando on Turn 2 and get things started on Turn 3 then go for, but proceed with caution.

On Turn 3, a Commando and a Cup of Tea or Desert Rats go together very well. We are a little bit susceptible to Burn Decks at this point, so if you need to use a Fortification then use it, even if you don’t get the extra value off of it.

Finally, if you aren’t under any pressure it is a good idea to get your Last Rites online as soon as possible.

Turn 5-8

Things start to open up if you get to this point, but you have to play smart.

Use your Commandos and Crusaders with Cups of Tea to boost their defense while pinging and drawing. A Crusader with a Convoy HX 175 is a huge card swing.

While working the Commandos axis you want to continue to dig to find a Seiran and get it down as well (don’t be afraid of blowing up a Swordfish with a Deadly Duty to get through too).

If you have a Seiran and a Commando down the Kamikaze train turns very, very deadly. If you have the Seiran and a Commando down then a Tora, Tora, Tora or a Code of Bushido on a Swordfish can pretty much clear the battlefield.

Turns 8-12+

There are a lot of exciting games with this deck.

The biggest tip I can give, keep track of what is still in the deck so you can make informed decisions about what to play and, hopefully, set up some incredible chains that this deck is capable of.

Video Replays

Standard/Limited Only

As with the rest of our Commando week decks, the Crusader and Night Watch are Special, but also a big part of the fun. There are some substitutions that can be made to make it more budget friendly.

Take Out — Put In

Bombing Raid x1/Code of Bushido x1 — Tora, Tora, Tora x1 – Bombing Raid is a great card, and a Code of Bushido combined with a Swordfish is very good, but a Tora, Tora, Tora with a Seiran does a good impression.

Daylight Bombing x1 — Cup of Tea x1 – The damage is good, but another cheap British order fits into our plans.

M6A1 Seiran x2 — J1N1 Gekko x2 – The Seiran is cheaper, a little bit tougher, and a bomber that can ping in when needed, but the Gekko has the same ability.

HMS Illustrious x1 — Gladiator Mk I – While this is a downgrade, for sure, having another cheap plane won’t hurt the cause too much.

Last Rites x1 — Naval Operations x1 – Unfortunately, for the plan of our deck really, really, really wants Last Rites. Last Rites was the first and, so far only, elite I have ever crafted and it was specifically to put it in this deck. Naval Operations can be effective here, but it isn’t even in the same postal code as Last Rites.


We are feeling pretty comfortable with the build that we have here, but there is certainly one missing piece.

Take Out — Put In

Fortification x1 — 85 Pioneer Company x1 – As I keep saying, this is an automatic upgrade if you have one.

Thank You

That is going to do it this week, if you have questions or feedback feel free to send them to kardspodcast@gmail.com, reach out on Twitter @KARDSPodcast, or hit me up on the Discord channel.

If you like our content please consider supporting us on Patreon.

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