Sacrifice Commandos – What I’m Playin’ 15

Welcome to Commandos Week 1.

Over the next two weeks we are playing every configuration of the British Commandos engine (No. 10 Commandoes, Crusader Mk II, Night Raid) possible – the British as the Major Power x4 (colors), the British as the ally x4 (unit/strategies), and a mono-British build. In other words, nine decks for you over the next two weeks.

This is the fourth installment we have two engines running in harmony here with our Commandos playing alongside the self-destruct/upgrade powers of Ural Factories and Red Banner.

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Finally, I am just using the cards that I have in my collection. I’m sure, there are other takes on this deck. I am just a guy with a collection and some ideas.

KARDS Version

These decks were constructed on the 0.9.4 build of KARDS – Card text/cost/rarity may have changed since publication.

Deck List

KARDSPodcast Deck Speed-o-meter (*Patent Pending)

  • Full-on Aggressive
  • Frontline Favoring Aggressive
  • Midrange
  • Frontline Favoring Control
  • Full-on Control

Major Power (Cards)/Ally (Cards) – Soviet (27)/Britain (12)

Orders/Units – 22/17

  • 0 Kredits – HQ (Stalingrad), 5
  • 1 Kredits – 8
  • 2 Kredits – 13
  • 3 Kredits – 3
  • 4 Kredits – 0
  • 5 Kredits – 11
  • 6 Kredits – 0
  • 7 Kredits+ – 0

Standard/Limited regular text, Special bold, Elite bold and italic


  • Bloody Sickle x4
  • Red Banner x1
  • Ural Factories x4
  • 13th Rifle Regiment x3
  • I-15 Chaika x2
  • Siberian Transfer x1
  • From the People x3
  • 6th Airborne Guards x1
  • T-34 1942 x4
  • T-34-85 x4


  • The Desert Rats x3
  • No. 10 Commando x3
  • Crusader Mk II x2
  • Convoy HX 175 x1
  • Night Raid x2

Card Gallery


Opening Hand

Across all of Kards, right now, you really want to have a removal order and a way to draw cards in your opening hand. This is one of the areas where the Soviets have an edge since they have the entire package in Bloody Sickle.

It is also nice to have an I-15 in your opener to give you a pseudo-removal order and a source of pseudo-card advantage.

If you see a Siberian Transfer, any T-34, or a Night Raid you can throw those back without much worry since you won’t be using them early on.

Turns 1-4

We have said this many times, but picking off a unit and drawing a card with a Bloody Sickle is a great play. If you can do that, then do it!

An early I-15 is also strong and if your turn 3 is a Commando and a Desert Rats/Bloody Sickle then you are going to be having a very good game.

I tend to hold my From the People’s until I really need them later on, but if you are starting to get overrun then let the shells fly.

Turn 5-8

At this point, you can start bringing the big steel to the battlefield. A T-34-85 is a solid Turn 5 drop on curve, while the OG T-34s can wait for Turn 7 or Turn 9 to utilize their blitz to the fullest.

This is also when Ural Factories and Red Banner really start to come online. The Siberian Transfer + Ural/Red Banner and Crusader + Convoy/Desert Rats tricks are really in play at this point (all of these trigger Commandos too, by the way).

Basically, your synergies really start to take over the game at this point.

Turns 8-12+

Hopefully, you have some tanks rolling in to chunk the opposing HQ for 5 at a time at this point. This usually puts a 2ish turn clock on your opponent.

One thing to keep in mind is that you want to maintain a healthy hand to keep your Commandos well ordered.

Video Replays

Standard/Limited Only

As with the rest of our Commando week decks, the Crusader and Night Watch are Special, but also a big part of the fun. The rest of the deck is pretty attainable though.

Take Out — Put In

Siberian Transfer x1, Red Banner x1, 1-15 Chaika x2 — The Reserves x4 – In lieu of making extra tank or plane bodies you can make extra infantry bodies to clog up the ground and trigger your Commandos if you want to go this route.

6th Airborne Guards x1 — The Hammer x1/Critical Hit x1 – There are lots of different removal options in the Soviet arsenal. If you don’t have the elite units then removing the opponent’s units is another option and, as always, you get that trigger.


While the pieces of this one work very well together, there are some that might look better with some higher rarities.

Take Out — Put In

The Desert Rats x1 — 85 Pioneer Company x1 – As I keep saying, this is an automatic upgrade if you have one.

T-34-85 x2 — Yak 9 x2 – The big tanks are fun, but the Yak 9 is a great addition to any self destruct deck for the Soviets. It is also on the 5-spot on the curve so it upgrades into a lot of good stuff on 6.

Thank You

That is going to do it this week, if you have questions or feedback feel free to send them to, reach out on Twitter @KARDSPodcast, or hit me up on the Discord channel.

If you like our content please consider supporting us on Patreon.

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