Black Commandos – What I’m Playin’ 12

Welcome to Commandos Week 1.

Over the next two weeks we are playing every configuration of the British Commandos engine (No. 10 Commandoes, Crusader Mk II, Night Raid) possible – the British as the Major Power x4 (colors), the British as the ally x4 (unit/strategies), and a mono-British build. In other words, 9 decks for you over the next two weeks.

We are starting with a British-German deck that I have had a bunch of success with and I think you can too.

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Finally, I am just using the cards that I have in my collection. I’m sure, there are other takes on this deck. I am just a guy with a collection and some ideas.

KARDS Version

These decks were constructed on the 0.9.4 build of KARDS – Card text/cost/rarity may have changed since publication.

Deck List

KARDSPodcast Deck Speed-o-meter (*Patent Pending)

  • Full-on Aggressive
  • Frontline Favoring Aggressive
  • Midrange – Kind of, this is a tempo deck
  • Frontline Favoring Control
  • Full-on Control

Major Power (Cards)/Ally (Cards) – Britain (27)/Germany (12)

Orders/Units – 27/12

  • 0 Kredits – HQ (Alexandria)
  • 1 Kredits – 11
  • 2 Kredits – 3
  • 3 Kredits – 13
  • 4 Kredits – 3
  • 5 Kredits – 5
  • 6 Kredits – 3
  • 7 Kredits+ – 1

Standard/Limited regular text, Special bold, Elite bold and italic


  • Cup of Tea x4
  • The Desert Rats x3
  • No. 10 Commandos x3
  • Naval Power x4
  • HMS Illustrious x1
  • Black Watch x1
  • Blockade x3
  • Crusader Mk II x2
  • Atlantic Convoy x2
  • RAAF Lightning F-4 x2
  • Night Raid x2


  • Blackout x4
  • Tactical Strike x3
  • Admiral Hipper x1
  • Panzer IV F2 x3
  • Leopold x1

Card Gallery


Opening Hand

There are tons of great combinations that you can see in your opener with this deck.

As long as you have some card draw and a removal order then you are good to go. Make sure to take a look at the opposing HQ. If you are playing against a Japanese player then I suggest trying to find a Naval Power to help mitigate any burn units or orders that you may be up against.

Unlike some other players, I forego Fortifications for more proactive orders and Naval Power is the only one that helps boost our HQ’s hit points.

Turns 1-4

Early on it is best to use your removal orders to keep the battlefield under control.

I tend to hold on to my commandos and Crusaders until I can play them and an order in the same turn. Commandos tend to be removal magnets (Sudden Strike hits both of your engines). A turn three that includes a Commando and a Desert Rats or Blackout is a powerful early play.

Also, don’t underestimate Blockade on Turn 3. If you can pick something off with it and double the cost of something in the opponent’s hand I have found that to be a pseudo-2-for-1.

With all of the burn decks running around I put in a Black Watch last night on our weekly stream (I originally had a P-40 Kitthawk in this one) and it might be worth even going with a second Black Watch.

Turn 5-8

Here is where you have to really start thinking when playing this deck.

A lot of the time you are going to want to start asserting your control over the tempo of the game, but you want to make sure that you are sending the correct units back to the opponent’s hand.

A T-34-85 is actually a great bounce target since it is expensive, doesn’t have blitz, and the targeting clause isn’t a detriment. Most of the time you are putting back with a Lightning or a Panzer so they don’t get a bonus card and when you do have to use a Naval Power then you really start to clog up the opponent’s hand and force them to discard their new draws.

Another powerful play is a Turn 6 Crusader into a Naval Power or Atlantic Convoy.

If you already have a Commando on the field at this point the pings will start to fly very quickly and widdle down any opposition too.

Turns 8-12+

Look for the opportunities to move your panzers forward and chunk the opposing HQ for 5 points at a time while you are keeping the opponent frustrated by putting cards back into their hand.

Your get-out-of-jail-free card is the Leopold. If you find yourself with nothing that can get you out of a situation then drop the big gun and put everything back in the opponent’s hand. If you have been bouncing a bunch of things already then you might even be able to get some of the troublesome units that were on the field discarded.

Video Replays

We ended up doing pretty well with the deck and I have had success with similar builds in non-recorded games as well. There are a lot of interesting decisions that you have to make so don’t play too fast!

Standard/Limited Only

There are some important Special and Elite cards in this deck, for sure, but there are ways to build this one that can still be pretty effective at the lower rarities too. In fact, tune in tomorrow to see a deck that is very rarity friendly.

The one caveat is that the Crusader and Night Raids are specials and pretty crucial to make up of this deck. If you want to play this style then you may want to consider crafting them.

Take Out — Put In

Atlantic Convoy x2 — Convoy HX 175 x2 – You know what you are getting with the Atlantic Convoy and you are getting random cards with HX 175. However, if you don’t have the Atlantic version, then the HX 175 does a nice impersonation.

HMS Illustrious x1 — Fortification x1 – The pair of bombers that Illustrious drops are nice, but neither is critical to our gameplan. The HQ boost is a solid addition to this deck especially when it is pinging something and drawing a card if we have the engine going.

Admiral Hipper x1/Leopold x1 — Sudden Strike x2 – The elite German cards do elite things, but if you just want to get after opposing units and keep the ping train rolling then cheap removal orders never hurt.


There are some opportunities to improve the list we have here too.

Take Out — Put In

Blockade x1 — 85 Pioneer Company x1 -The only reason I am not playing the Pioneer Company is that I don’t have one. If I did, it would be in here. It makes all of our orders cheaper and that much easier to chain together.

Blockade x3/Blackout x4/Leopold x1 — MI5 x2/Daylight Bombing x1/Wolfpack x2/U-375 x3 – While I am not a fan of discard, the Germans and British do play into that role. Since this is primarily an order swap then our engine is still intact as well.

Thank You

That is going to do it this week, if you have questions or feedback feel free to send them to, reach out on Twitter @KARDSPodcast, or hit me up on the Discord channel.

If you like our content please consider supporting us on Patreon.

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