Big Cats – What I’m Playin’ 11

Nope, no Fury Road.

This was a tough week. I took a furious beating trying to get a Fury Road deck to work. I am going to table that pursuit for now.

I think it was a combination of factors:

  • Once I started to run into issues I probably got a little tilted and played poorly
  • It just isn’t my style of play
  • Maybe I am a few special/elites short of a complete list right now (Patton, Fallschmajager come to mind first.)
  • I didn’t believe in the heart of the Kards
  • Since the units need help to be effective, I don’t know if Fury can be the focus of a deck, by itself, yet.

It gives me another goal to shoot for in the future, but instead, this week I am rolling with some Big Cats.

Before we get to it, if you would like to share a deck you have been working on, feel free to comment here, e-mail, reach out on Twitter @KARDSPodcast, or hit me up on the Discord channel.

And don’t forget to tell your friends to sign up for the KARDS Early Access and Discord at

Finally, I am just using the cards that I have in my collection. I’m sure, there are other takes on this deck. I am just a guy with a collection and some ideas.

KARDS Version

This deck was constructed on the 0.9.4 build of KARDS – Card text/cost/rarity may have changed since publication.

Deck List

KARDSPodcast Deck Speed-o-meter (*Patent Pending)

  • Full-on Aggressive
  • Frontline Favoring Aggressive
  • Midrange
  • Frontline Favoring Control
  • Full-on Control

Major Power (Cards)/Ally (Cards) – USA (27)/Soviet (12)

Orders/Units – 13/26

  • 0 Kredits – HQ (Cherbourg)
  • 1 Kredits – 7
  • 2 Kredits – 6
  • 3 Kredits – 13
  • 4 Kredits – 6
  • 5 Kredits – 3
  • 6 Kredits – 2
  • 7 Kredits+ – 2

Standard/Limited regular text, Special bold, Elite bold and italic


  • Awoken Giant x2
  • Naval Bombardment x3
  • M 16 Half-Track x3
  • F4F Wildcat x4
  • 3rd Marine Regiment x4
  • 8th Cavalry Regiment x4
  • Death From Above x3
  • P-40 N-5 x1
  • Mobilization x2
  • Corsair F4U-1D x2
  • B-17 Flying Fortress x2


  • Ural Factories x4
  • Red Banner x1
  • Siberian Transfer x1
  • 13th Rifle Regiment x3
  • I-15 Chaika x2
  • 6th Airborne Guards x1

Card Gallery


Opening Hand

If you can find some early removal orders, a card draw order, and a 13th Rifle Regiment or I-15 Chaika, you should be good to go.

Unlike some of the other ones that we have played, you can get away with many different opening hands with this one.

Turns 1-4

Use your early damage orders, and the retreat clause on the M-16 Half-Track to take control of the battlefield. Then get an I-15 or a 13th Rifle Regiment down as soon as you can. You want to use those units to attack opposing small units since the Soviet plane and infantry can upgrade into bigger threats.

Sneakily, the 3rd Marine Regiment seems to be a good card right now.

The smokescreen it comes with shields it from a lot of initial removal then it is such a big body that it starts to crash into small units effectively. If the coast is clear then feel free to get one of these down on Turn 3.

Naval Bombardment and the F4F Wildcats are also important at the 3 spot on the curve because the bombardment can nab some early units, while the Wildcats take the direct pressure off of your HQ and fight back against some of the opponent’s threats.

Burn is a tough match-up for this deck, so, I went with some 8th Cavalry Regiments too.

Turn 5-8

The decision tree starts to get interesting at this point. You can keep units in play or upgrade them with Ural Factories or Red Banner.

A sweet move for 5-7 kredits is to use the Siberian Transfer, slam in to something with the T-34, and then destroy it with a Factories. There are a ton of good Soviet units on 6.

I suggest that you hold on to Mobilization as long as possible and don’t fire it off on Turn 5. You want to use it pull way ahead of your opponent later in the game.


Turns 8-12+

Let the big fellas eat here.

The B-17 is an incredible card. It is a 2-for-1 at a minimum and usually turns into a 3+-for-1.

Drop the big bomber and let it do its work. If you can protect it with removal orders or front line infantry and tanks, all the better.

This is also where you can get some Corsairs on to the field, upgrade them, and trigger their destruction effects. The value that the Corsair has is real so make sure to use it to the utmost.

Video Replays

Since my times was diverted this week, I didn’t get a chance to make a deck specific playlist, but I did play this deck on stream a bunch and had some good results. There is a little bit of unofficial tournament play in there too.

Standard/Limited Only

There are definitely some big-time special and elite cards that make this deck even better, but if you don’t have access to them then there is a similar style deck that can work if you go Soviets-Japan. Instead of substitutions, how about a different list?


  • Bloody Sickle x4
  • Ural Factories x4
  • 13th Rifle Regiment x3
  • From the People x4
  • SU-76M x4
  • T-34 1942 x4
  • T-34-85 x4


  • Deadly Duty x2
  • 33rd Recon Regiment x2
  • Akita Regiment/Mito Regiment x4
  • Ki-43 Hayabusa x4

The 33rd Recon Regiment – Bloody Sickle combo is back for another appearance here, but other then the 33rd Recon this one is all standard and limited cards.

Get in with the aggressive Japanese Infantry to establish some battlefield presence, then drop some Hayabusas or SU-76Ms to bridge the gap in the midgame and finally bring it home with self-destruction and some T-34s.

Time your upgrades with the Factories carefully. They are a source of pseudo-card advantage for this one.

In fact, this was the most successful deck I had in the unofficial April Kards Tournament, not this exact decklist, but check out some more video:


There is really only one card that I am thinking I would add to this one that isn’t in the original decklist. However, a Soviet-USA build might work better for some players instead of the USA-Soviet version we have.

Take Out — Put In

6th Airborne Guards — Yak 9

Arguably, this is a sidegrade instead of a straight upgrade, but the Yak 9 plays into our self-destruction plan while the Guards provide a body to upgrade. I would like to try both to see which is more effective.

Thank You

That is going to do it this week, if you have questions or feedback feel free to send them to, reach out on Twitter @KARDSPodcast, or hit me up on the Discord channel.

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