Deck Archetypes with Cybernetic – Podcast Episode 12

Welcome to the twelfth episode of the Kards Podcast!

This week – Cybernetic and I are going over different CCG deck archetypes and then 20 different archetypes specific to Kards and talking about strategies, playstyles and key cards.

See the website for a full version of what we are talking about.

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UName’s recent run to Field Marshal in all five factions with a brand new account

CCG Deck Definitions

Modified from the Magic the Gathering Wiki, read more here.

Aggro – Decks attempt to reduce their opponents from 20 HQ HP to 0 life as quickly as possible, rather than emphasize a long-term game plan. Aggro decks focus on converting their cards into damage; they prefer to engage in a race for tempo rather than a card advantage-based attrition war. Aggro generally relies upon units as its accumulative source of damage. Aggro decks can quickly overwhelm unprepared opponents and proceed to eke out the last bit of damage they need to end the game. Aggro decks also generally have access to disruptive elements, which can inhibit the opponent’s attempts to respond.

Control – Avoid racing and attempt to slow the game down by executing an attrition plan. As the game progresses, control decks are able to take advantage of their slower, more powerful, cards. The primary strength of control decks is their ability to devalue the opponent’s cards.

Combo – Use the interaction of two or more cards (a “combination”) to create a powerful effect that either wins the game immediately or creates a situation that subsequently leads to a win. Combo decks value power, consistency, and speed: the combo should be strong enough to win, the deck should be reliable enough to produce the combo on a regular basis, and the deck should be able to use the combo fast enough to win before the opponent. Many decks have smaller, combo-like interactions between their cards, which is better described as synergy.

Midrange – Has an early game plan of mana ramp and control, but begins to play threats once it reaches four to six kredits. A midrange deck will often seek to play a reactive, attrition-based game against aggro decks and a more proactive, tempo-based game against control decks. Colloquially, this is referred to as “going bigger” than aggro and “getting in under” control.

Tempo – These decks attempt to deploy quick threats while protecting them with light permission and disruption long enough to win. These are frequently referred to as “tempo” strategies, as they are built with a sense of timing. Tempo players look to control the game early and take advantage of a strong board state. Where purely control decks look to outclass players with more quality in the later stages of the game, tempo looks to keep opponents off balance from the very start.

Kards Specific Deck Archetypes

Key cards in each of these decks are not exhaustive, there are many others you could play to make them better.


Nickname Power 1 Power 2 1 sentence strategy Key Cards
Burn Japan Germany Go after the opponent’s HQ, no exceptions. Air Blitz, Akita Regiment, Rising Sun, Deadly Duty, Ki-42 Hayabusa, Mito Regiment, 10.5 cm leHf
Wings Japan Britain Quick planes with a pump will win the day. Gladiator, Swordfish, Claude, Burning Sun, Close Air Support, Naval Support
Fury Road Britain Any Attacking is twice as nice with a pump or 0 operation cost.
  • Humber, Hurricane Mk II, Naval Support
  • Germany – Stug IV, Combined Arms Naval Support
  • USA – For the People
  • Soviet – Final Push
Blitzkrieg/Pump You Up Germany Japan, USA Get to the front, control it, and swing with with a huge team.
  • Germany – Panzer II-A, 4. Pioneers, Blitzkreig, Panzer 35t
  • Japan – Amphibious Assault, Type 93
  • USA – M8 Greyhound, USACE
Soviet Blitz Soviet Germany Run in as quickly as possible and refuel with Enigma.
  • Germany – Pioneer Battalion, Panzer 35 (t), Tactical Strike, Enigma, Blitzkrieg, 3.7mm Flak, Iron from the north, Panzer IV F2.
  • Soviet – 554th rifle regiment, Bloody Sickle, From the People, The Hammer.
Arty Party Soviet USA Small cannons with friends tear through everything. 37 mm Anti Aircraft Gun, 45 mm anti tank gun, Katyusha, 10th Engineers Battalion
Tokens Soviet Japan/USA Flood the battlefield, pump, and get in there.
  • Soviet – Reserves, Frontal Assault, Bloody Sickle
  • USA – Unity Through Strength
  • Japan – Naval Supply Run, Type 93



Nickname Power 1 Power 2 1 sentence Key Cards
Self Destruct Japan Soviet/USA Get value out of destroying your own units.
  • Soviet – Ural Factories, Red Banner, T-34-85, I-15 Chiaka
  • USA – Corsair F4U-1D
  • Japan – Deadly Duty, Hayabusa, Mito Regiment, Akita Regiment
Tempo Britain Germany/USA Never let your opponent get comfortable.
  • Britain – RAAF Lightning, Naval Power, 5th Brigade
  • Germany – Panzer IV
  • USA – M-16 Halftrack



Nickname Power 1 Power 2 1 sentence Key Cards
Naval Support Britain Soviet We like big butts and we can not lie.
  • Britain – 5th Brigade, Churchill Supply Drop, Naval Support
  • Soviet – 84th Infantry Regiment, The Hammer
Steel Wave Germany Soviet Roll on sweet chariots.
  • Germany – Panzer III-E, Panther G, Sudden Strike, Tactical Strike, 22 Infantry Regiment
  • Soviet – T-34s, From the People
Pre-Cold War USA Soviet Get the benefits without the HQ costs.
  • USA – 8th Cavalry Regiment
  • Soviet – Bloody Sickle, Winter Warfare, SU-76M, 95th Rifle Regiment, A-20B



Nickname Power 1 Power 2 1 sentence Key Cards
Discard Germany Britain/USA You shall have no hand.
  • Germany – U-375, Wolfpack
  • Britain – MI5
  • USA – B-17
Red Skies Japan Any Find a Seiran or a Gekko and sweep, sweep, sweep.
  • Japan – Sheiran, Gekko, Tora, Tora, Tora, Naval Operations, Last Rites
  • Any Damage Based Orders
The Commonwealth Britain Japan Continually buff and protect your HQ and look for the one shot win.
  • Britain – The Commonwealth, National Fire Service, Naval Power, Carpet Bombing
  • Japan – Long Range Recon
Air Control Britain Any Take out anything your opponent plays and fly in to win. Skua, Albacore, Spitfire, Convoy HX 175, Targeted Removal, P-40 Warhawk, Lightning
Turtle Power Britain Any Thou shalt not touch this HQ. 5th Brigade, Churchill, Fortification, Bombers/Artillery



Nickname Power 1 Power 2 1 sentence Key Cards
Ramp USA Any Build up your kredits as quickly as possible and drop bombs. War Machine, War Bonds, We Can Do It
Commandos Britain Any Death by 1,000 commando cuts and make sure your orders are British. Commandos, Night Watch, Crusader, Cup of Tea

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