Get Over Here – Make a Card Wednesday

The Make a Card series is moving a day just to make some room for changing schedules. Fret not, same fun, just a new timeslot.

While we have been exploring other factions that might be added to a game, I wanted to take a different course this time around with a new mechanic.

I was thinking of a version of this a few weeks back – ironically, right about the same time Cybernetic pinged me with a very similar idea – and have tinkered with the wording since them.

Lure – A unit (target or random) must move to the frontline or attack another target unit.

Before we go any further though, I don’t claim that these cards or this mechanic will ever appear in the game. This is a fun experiment of making some of our own cards since I am a fan of the game. I can’t say that these as necessarily 100 percent balanced either. I can’t say if 1939 Games even looks at this stuff. And, finally, I am not a coder, so I don’t know if these kinds of maneuvers are even feasible in a digital game (I come from a tabletop perspective). Overall, these are not real cards and/or mechanics.

If you would like to share your creations, or react to these, feel free to make comments below, send messages over to or hit me up on the Discord. Just make sure to send along a little bit of a description of your card (text or video is cool) and talk about the thought process behind making it.

Since we are exploring a new mechanic only, I decided to make a vertical cycle of cards that embody the new idea.


I wanted to try a different spin on removal without actually removing an opposing unit.


While the mechanic kind of has a defensive bend to it, I also wanted to provide an aggressive option if used properly. This one can be used to help clear a path, if needed.


While pumping the attack power of a team is fun, I thought the British might be more into pumping defense. I think that it might have to go down to a +0/+1 in light of recent updates.


If used on a big-time unit, this could be a board sweeper. Plus, I ain’t afraid of no ghosts.

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