Updates Galore – Podcast Episode 10

Welcome to the tenth episode of the Kards Podcast!

This week – it is just me, but we are going through the massive update to the game and talking about some new cards as well!

It is quite the extravaganza too: New Ranking system, Officer Club, Achievements, Matchmaking, Anti-Air update, and The Pain Train.

Tournaments are back for Kards too, check out the details here!

If you like our content and want to support it, get early access to the show, or enter into our giveaways head over to our Patreon Page!

Send feedback and questions to kardspodcast@gmail.com, reach out on Twitter @KARDSPodcast, or hit me up on the Discord channel.


We are giving away 5 packs of physical KARDS cards (5 cards per pack, 1 card per faction). 2 have been claimed, but there are 3 still available!

Ways to win

2 packs – If you are a $2-a-month Lieutenant back on Patreon you will automatically be entered in a drawing for a pack. Winner picked on April 15 and announced in the April 19 podcast.

Stream Packs Claimed! – Given out during streams. Monday nights at 6:30 p.m. Eastern Standard time.

1 pack – Content creation contest. Pick your favorite and write a short card breakdown about that card (no more than 500 words) or a 5-minute maximum video about the card and email that to kardspodcast@gmail.com. Deadline is April 19 and the winner announced April 26.


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