Gunship Mission – Card of the Week 5

By Cybernetic

Gunship (1)This card was almost never played prior to the latest patch and that was for good reason too, there were other removal orders that were better and less restrictive.

The developers recognized this and acted. Now, beyond the damage, it by gives your HQ +2 Defense.

Something I overlooked with this card until @Scout used it in his Commando’s deck, it can also target the opponent’s HQ. This opened the flood gates, allowing for new strategies that I didn’t think of originally and one of the reasons aggro/burn should consider using it.

2 Decks that immediately come to mind  are:

British/USA Commandos. It probably removes a unit, triggers Commandos, adds another order into a big In the Navy turn, and is never a dead card since you can target HQ.

Soviet/USA Infantries. This deck goes wide and aggressive with a lot of cards that stick on the board.

The USA provides support cards that buff stats, add draw power and now noticeably, deal damage.

The Soviet order Mass Attack, is situational but effective in this kind of deck. It can help end games where the opponent is protecting their HQ with Guards.

That is where Gunship Mission comes along serving as additional removal, picking off units hiding under Smokescreens and to help burn the HQ directly.

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