593rd JASCO – Card of the Week 4 (Reveal Edition)

By Cybernetic

I was honored to have the privilege to reveal the third member of the 0/4 infantry cycle that 1939 Games is putting into Kards.

This time it is the 593rd JASCO for the USA. (JASCO stands for Joint Assault Signal Company).

When I first looked at this card, I instantly thought, the HQ now has Heavy Armor.

This is not only a direct counter to 1st Signal Regiment (the Japanese representative in this cycle), it also reduces damage from deployment and destruction effect along with orders. This is an anti-burn card.

While on I was streaming earlier this week, we started theory crafting and immediately thought of two decks that this can slot into very nicely:

  • Any ramp deck with USA as the main power
  • A Soviet-USA Token/Infantry Deck

For the former, the 593rd is a great early game damage reducer and removal target while you concentrate on ramping with cards like The War Machine and War Bonds. This allows you to start dropping mid-to-late-game cards many turns earlier than you normally would.

For the latter, the Soviet’s can take advantage of this immediately with Bloody Sickles not dealing any damage to your HQ and SU-76Ms dealing only two damage each. With that kind of early game pressure, the opponent will have to decide carefully what to use their removal on in response.

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