The Komet, a new playstyle – Card of the Week 3

By Cybernetic

cometWhat I love about Elite cards is that some of them have very unique effects and this one is no exception, with its hit and run tactics.

Komet has low defense, so it’s primary role will be to hit the HQ like a reusable Air Blitz. This card fits nicely into a Japanese/German burn deck.

Japan also has the order Burst of Fire – 1K, Give a friendly fighter +1 Attack and Fury – which turns this little monster into 10 damage to the enemy HQ for 7K.

Burst of FireCyberRaf Blind Mode

During the [Feb. 22} stream, we thought of an insanely fun game mode I think everyone, including those at 1939 Games should give a try, we call it the CyberRaf Blind Mode.

It’s basically like a Blind Draft but only using your collection.

What you do: you and your friend pick each other’s Main and Ally World Power. You both go create a deck without filling any cards and immediately hit the “done” button.

When you are prompted if the computer should finish a deck automatically, select YES. Once created, you are not allowed to view the deck, hence “Blind Mode.” Then find your friend and challenge them that new deck.

What makes this fun is, is that you are both forced to play cards that you might not use, learn new strategies, and overcome new challenges. The only thing that might tip the scales in favor of one player over the other, is the quality and amount of cards in a collection.

One game example, my opponent had a bunch of Ambush cards but, luckily, I was fortunate to have high defense and bomber units to counter. It was a tense game, all the way until the end. I was anxious if the opponent had answers to my plays.

It was unpredictable all the way.

I encourage everyone to try it out, while the developers work towards bringing Draft!

Let me know how it goes for you on discord.

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