Keli Interview, Latest Dev Update – Podcast Episode 4 – Feb. 22, 2019

Welcome to the fourth episode of the Kards Podcast!

This week we go through the latest development updates, new cards, and have a conversation with KARDS developer Keli (aka TealKeli on the Discord channel).

Technical updates are still underway for the cast, so bear with me as things grow.

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Keli and I talk about:

  • Keli’s past and his path to working on KARDS
  • The early history of the game
  • What cards have surprised the developers the most (good and bad)
  • The future of the game including other play modes (Draft, Tournaments, Casual, etc.) and finishing the base set
  • The KARDS Economy
  • Starting hand sizes
  • How data is used to improve the game
  • Vanilla vs. ability units and the latest update

We talk about a number of cards – both updated and new – in the cast this week. Below are some of them from the Kards Discord Channel:




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