No Surrender, Deckbuilding Tips – Card of the Week 2

By Cybernetic

Today’s Card of the Week is the Soviet order, “No Surrender.”

There are very few cards in this game that add multiple units to the battlefield, especially more than two.

This is a good way to apply pressure to the opponent in one turn, in a game where there is a lot of single target removal.

This card has many benefits and can be enhanced by other card effects, especially with a US Ally.

These include:

  • The Alliance or Naval Supply Line – fill the Support Line with 4 3/3s for 7K.
  • Industrial Might – fill the Support Line with 4 1/1s and draw 4 cards for 6K.
  • Mass Attack – fill the Support Line with 4 1/1s and can deal 4 damage to any target, including the HQ for 8K.
  • Unity In Strength – fill the Support Line with 3 1/1s and 1 5/5s for 5K.
  • There are even 3 card combos you can consider such as Close Combat and Lightning Conquest.

4 Deckbuilding tips

I might write a longer piece on this one day, but for now, here are a few pointers that will help any deck builder.

1. Figure out the theme of your deck. Is it to burn, control, aggro, etc.? Before you even start putting a deck together, you need to know your winning conditions.

2. Add cards that fit the theme of the deck and put in multiple copies. You also want to ensure you got enough cards that cost 1K, 2K, 3K so you can play on the curve to make use of all your Kredit each turn.

3. Thin your deck. “Thinning,” is a concept of where you theoretically have a smaller deck, so you increase the odds of drawing what you need more consistently, by including draw cards. You don’t want to put yourself in a situation where you are top decking (running out of cards in your hand).

4. Be sure to have sufficient removal cards, such as orders that deal damage or remove a target on the field. Sometimes your opponent brings out a unit during a turn that’s a big threat to your theme and game in general. It’s important to react to it with a card that often is cheap, to ensure your tempo doesn’t slow down.

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