Podcast 2 – Updates, February Tournament – Feb. 8, 2019

Back for the second episode of the KARDSPodcast!

This week we are talking about some updates to the podcast and then diving into the development updates that were released last week.

by LeMiro

Before that, some notes for February KARDS Tournament from Alvera Mistress of Light on the Discord:

There will be 32 participants (Sign-ups are closed): @Scout, @Curry King, @Cybernetic, @PanzerDaddy, @styxews, @LeMiro-, @RD’RafcKen7, @Aristle, @Joris_Boris, @Snefru, @Gearbot, @Sheadov, @R ADLER, @Drogear, @noahw1999, @KimVaSioN, @Wi0011, @mohawkpete, @Asyring, @paTser, @JackJMW, @TofuWarrior, @VReznov2137, @koomakooma, @thud83, @Vulgarny, @Ketal, @Dunk, @marduk, @Anfalas, @Mog, @General_Zhukov

Sign-ups for the March tournament will begin after the February tournament is concluded.

Come back for results.

We are also now on Pocket Casts, just follow the link if that is your platform of choice.

Now on with the show!

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